Semiconductor Application Cases


Industrial camera wafer inspection

工业相机晶元检测.jpg      工业相机晶元检测2.jpg

Wafer Surface Defect Detection

晶片表面缺陷检测.jpg     晶片表面缺陷检测2.jpg

Wafer Counting

晶圆计数.jpg     晶圆计数2.jpg

PCB Defect Detection

线路板缺陷检测.jpg     线路板缺陷检测2.jpg

Chip Surface Contamination Detection

芯片表面脏污检测.jpg     芯片表面脏污检测2.jpg

Chip Red Dot Detection

芯片红点检测.jpg     芯片红点检测2.jpg

IC chip surface glue contamination detection

IC芯片表面多胶脏污检测.jpg     IC芯片表面多胶脏污检测2.jpg

Identify IC component characters and PIN spacing, flatness and laser-engraved characters on the surface

IC元件字符及PIN间距、平整度及对表面激光雕刻的字符进行识别.jpg     IC元件字符及PIN间距、平整度及对表面激光雕刻的字符进行识别2.jpg

LED surface defect detection

LED表面缺陷检测.jpg     LED表面缺陷检测2.jpg

LED lamp defect detection

LED灯缺陷检测.jpg     LED灯缺陷检测2.jpg

LED light patch positioning

LED灯贴片定位.jpg     LED灯贴片定位2.jpg

LED chip electrode identification and positioning

LED芯片电极识别与定位.jpg     LED芯片电极识别与定位2.jpg

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