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What are the classifications of machine vision inspection?


  Mchine vision is an indispensable tool for the entire industrial production process and is used in many industries.Because machine vision is so important,Do3think gives you a detailed introduction to the classification of machine vision.

the working principle of automated visual inspection

  One、the working principle of automated visual inspection

  the vision system converts pixel distribution,brightness,color and other information into digital signals,performs various operations on these signals and extracts features such as area,quantity,position and length of the target.

Classification of machine vision inspection technology.webp

  Two、Classification of machine vision inspection technology

  1.A distinction can be made according to the detection function:Positioning,defect detection,counting/loss detection and standard measurement.

  2.according to the carrier of the equipment,it can be divided into online detection system and offline detection system.

  3.according to different detection capabilities,there are usually stereo vision detection capabilities,spot detection capabilities,scale measurement capabilities and OCR capabilities.

Different aspects of image processing applications

  Three、Different aspects of image processing applications

  1.detection:color and defect detection,detection of the presence of parts or components,detectionof target position and direction,etc.

  2.recognition:including standard one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code decoding,optical character recognition and optical character verification.

  3.measurement:including size and capacitance detection and measurement of preset marks,such as distance to hole position.

  The powerful functions of machine vision systems are widely used in almost all industries and offer us huge market development potential.

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