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What is the difference between industrial camera and normal camera?


  What is the difference between industrial camera and normal camera?many beginners are confused about the difference between the two,and even some industry veterans sometimes get confused when facing some application we will talk about the difference between industrial cameras and ordinary cameras from several dimensions!

Do3think industrial camer

  what is an industrial camera?

  the industrial camera,also called industrial camera or industrial camera,is a very important component of the machine vision hardware system,which determines the application effect of the entire machine vision system.Simply put,industrial cameras are part of the overall system and cannot be used alone.Without cooperation with other systems,industrial cameras cannot achieve the application effect.the difference between industrial cameras and ordinary cameras.

   One.the difference in the use of objects

  As the name suggests,industrial cameras are used in industrial production or related areas.It is obvious that industrial cameras are used by companies and manufacturers.The technical term is B-side.Ordinary cameras are mostly used by individuals,ordinary people or natural persons.The technical term is C-side.

civilian camera

  Two.the difference in appearance

  the appearance of industrial cameras is very different from ordinary cameras.Industrial cameras are more square and rectangular.They are designed with heat dissipation in mind.They have columnar heat dissipation fins and do not have the button shutter found on ordinary cameras.Compared with ordinary cameras with beautiful appearance,industrial cameras pay more attention to sturdiness and practicality.

  Three.different uses

  industrial cameras are mainly designed for industrial series applications and can solve problems such as positioning,defect detection,industrial inspection,image processing and acquisition,etc.with high speed and efficiency.

  At the same time,costs are reduced because the number of these jobs is reduced.Ordinary cameras are mainly for civilian use.They focus on taking more beautiful pictures and tracking beautiful shots.

Wire Harness Sorting Inspection Application

   Four.Differences in performance

  1.more stable performance

  the goal of industrial cameras is more stable performance and a compact structure that can work continuously for a long time and is not easily damaged in bad environments.

  2.more harsh environment

  industrial cameras sometimes need to work in high or low temperatures or even in environments with strong vibrations and need to ensure a low failure rate,which is not possible with normal cameras.

  3.higher frame rate,faster recording speed

  To meet the requirements of different scenarios,the frame rate range of industrial cameras is also very wide,ranging from a minimum frame rate up to 2000 frames or even higher.Ordinary cameras do not have such strict requirements on the frame rate of shooting.It is enough to shoot 2-3 images in 1 second.Compared with industrial cameras,the performance is much different.

  4.Customization and development

  The customization of industrial cameras is divided into two parts:hardware and software.Hardware customization is the camera's pixels,frame rate,dimensions,etc.;software customization is the program algorithm written for the application scenario.Development refers to the secondary development of camera software.Industrial camera manufacturers will provide customers with SDK so these customers can embed their own image processing programs according to their own needs.

  5.Wider spectral range

  The spectral range of industrial cameras is wider than that of ordinary cameras,and the images output by industrial cameras are original images that can be processed through image algorithms.The spectral range of pictures taken by ordinary cameras is only suitable for human vision,and has been compressed by the image format.The image quality is not as good as the images of industrial cameras,and cannot be used for image algorithm processing.

  The above is the difference between industrial cameras and ordinary cameras.By comparison,you can see that the difference between industrial cameras and ordinary cameras are huge.Although both are cameras,the differences in needs and positioning determine the essential difference between the two.

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