Agricultural Color Sorting

Application of Machine Vision in Agriculture


How does the machine turn the rice containing impurities into rice without impurities?


The principle, and we humans think of the same way ---- find the impurities in the rice, pick out and throw away, the rest, naturally, is clean rice.


So, for the machine, the main steps are.

 1) find the impurities

 2) take the impurities out of the rice


The principle of machine vision to achieve the above function, as shown in the figure below


Using cameras, lenses and light sources, the impurities are "seen".

Then, using the spray valve, the impurities seen will be blown to the impurity tank, the finished tank left, is clean rice.

Machine vision technology in the field of agriculture, far beyond the selection of rice this one. Machine vision, has been widely used in all aspects of agriculture.


1Nondestructive testing of the quality of fruits and vegetables

 Through the industrial camera image capture, the collection of fruits and vegetables morphology, color and other characteristics, the collection results will be output image processing system, according to the comparative analysis or deep learning and other technologies to derive the quality of melons and fruits qualified and other judgments.


The fruit in the hundred fruit garden, according to the size and quality of the different, different pricing sales. Even, the same quality, a larger fruit, can be sold more expensive.

2Tobacco quality testing

 Color analysis of tobacco leaf samples, preliminary acquisition of tobacco leaf color features by machine vision system, and extraction of the overall image appearance contour of the tobacco leaf using contour algorithm. Comprehensive extraction and description of leaf structure and identity features through the light transmission characteristics of tobacco leaves.

3Application in grain identification and grading

 Identification and classification of rice, wheat, corn and other grains, for example, based on crack, morphology, color features, etc., is performed by applying neural networks, high-speed filtering and other techniques.

4Ex-factory quality inspection of agricultural and sideline products, such as factory packaging, quality conformity inspection, etc.

5Application in agricultural machinery

 Agricultural products sorting application is machine vision technology in agricultural machinery in the application of a more, mainly the use of the technology for nondestructive testing, mainly the use of the technology for nondestructive testing, in the processing of agriculture products 

for automatic quality detection

6, machine vision technology in the automation of agricultural production applications

In the growth process of plants and animals, according to the precise monitoring of their growth, can effectively regulate the growth environment of plants 

and animals to ensure that plants and animals required for production.


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