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Infrared camera
Long-wave infrared thermal imaging camera
Product model: MGR012M-H2
Image resolution: 384x288
Optical size: 6.8mmx5.1mm
Product Introduction
Product parameters
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Key Features
  • ▪High-sensitivity uncooled vanadium oxide infrared detectors are used to provide clear infrared images and temperature measurement accuracy

  • ▪ Adopt RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet interface, 100 meters long-distance stable transmission

  • ▪ Support POE power supply, plug-and-play driver design, easy to use, not only has the stability of network communication but also has the convenience of using USB devices

  • ▪ 400X300 resolution, up to 50HZ frame rate

  • ▪ Thermal sensitivity≤50mK, thermal response time<10ms

  • ▪ Support multi-camera work at the same time, the number is not limited, and can be networked arbitrarily, and it will not drop or drop frames for a long time

  • ▪ Comes with hardware image processing acceleration to reduce CPU usage on the host side

  • ▪ Adopt GigE Vision1.2 visual standard protocol design, support Halcon, Visionpro and other software

Dimension drawing

Thermal Imaging Industrial Camera Dimension drawing

model :MGR012M- H2



Pixel Size



Rolling shutter

Frame Rate



Default emissivity of movement   0.98


Not support

Minimum imaging distance

20~50cm best distance   35cm

Color mode

White heat, lava, iron red, hot iron, medical treatment, arctic, rainbow 1, rainbow 2, painting red, black heat



Temperature measuring range and accuracy

Test conditions: the ambient temperature is 23 ℃± 3 ℃, the temperature measurement distance is 35cm, and the movement is started for 10 minutes. Bold: Kelvin Bold

1st gear: - 20 ℃~150 ℃

(1) 0 ℃~+150 ℃, temperature measurement accuracy: ± 3 ℃ or ± 3% (whichever is greater);

(2) - 20 ℃~0 ℃, temperature measurement accuracy: ± 4 ℃; Second gear: 100 ℃~350 ℃

Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 5 ℃ or ± 5% ( choise  greater)

Regional temperature measurement

Support temperature measurement in any area, output the maximum, minimum and average values of the area


Linux/Windows   Version Realize video stream analysis and grayscale to temperature conversion

Thermal sensitivity


ADC   accuracy


Digital video interface

8bit   DVP

Digital video format

YUV422+Y16+ Parameter line

I mage display

10 false colors Including white heat and black heat

Image algorithm


Trigger mode

Soft ware  hard ware

Field angle

39.46°X   30.1°

Spectral response


Exposure  time

200us   - 20ms

Image format

BGR24   /   MONO16

Photo support format


Frame cache


Overall dimension


W eight


Typical power consumption


C amera lens


C ompatibility

Windows7/10,PC   Linux

A uthentication

CE,   FCC,   RoHS