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3D Camera
3D cameras can be manufactured according to various technical specifications
Stereo Vision and Structured Light / Laser Triangulation / ToF
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Key Features

Support Stereovision and structured light, high precision in a short distance, also applicable in high reflective scenes

Supports laser triangulation, high accuracy, suitable for poor lighting conditions, usable in highly reflective conditions

Support ToF (Time-of-Flight)

Built-in high-accurcy algorithm, accuracy up to millimeter level

Wide area and large depth of vision, applicable for large volume measurement  

Support multiple image formats output, conveniente for secondary development

Built-in wide dynamic image processing algorithm and high-accurcy measurement algorithms

Support volume (length, width, height, integral volume), point cloud, feature coordinate output

Applicable tasks

Analysis of volumes, shapes

Contrast information is bad or missing

Differences in height must be recognized

Positioning task / detection in the third dimension


Examination of position and presence of components on a circuit board 

Volume measurements of a wide range of objects Volume measurement

Presence detection, checking and counting objects in a bin / box, check whether there are objects in boxes

Detection of obstacles and "human"navigation of autonomously driving vehicles in an industrial environment, 

such as fork lifts Robot-controlled gripping jobs on conveyor belts or bin picking Portioning of food, such as meat separation

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