FPD Inspection

The Application of Machine Vision in the field of Screen and Displays


With the rapid popularity of consumer electronic products such as PADs and cell phones, the market for display panels is developing rapidly and the demand is huge. 

Due to the complex production process of display panels, defects such as short circuit and broken circuit will inevitably occur in mass production, which seriously affects 

the yield of the products, so adding defect detection to the production process is a necessary part to enhance the yield of the products.

The traditional inspection program, which uses manual visual defect detection methods, relies on the technician's vision and personal subjective judgment. This manual 

visual inspection method needs to be carried out under strong lighting conditions, not only to the eyes of the inspector is very harmful, and there are strong subjectivity, 

limited spatial and temporal resolution of the human eye, detection uncertainty, error-prone, low efficiency and other shortcomings, has been difficult to meet the modern 

industrial high-speed, high-resolution detection requirements.

With the rapid development of electronic technology, image sensing technology and deep learning technology, the use of machine vision-based automatic optical (vision) 

inspection technology for surface defects to replace manual visual inspection of surface defects has gradually become an important means of surface defect detection, because 

this method has the advantages of automation, non-contact, speed, high accuracy, stability and so on.


Cell phone screen bad spots detection

In recent years, display panels to high-resolution direction, the core components of machine vision ---- industrial camera requirements, but also increasingly high. 

For the surface array industrial camera, hundreds of millions of resolution is not too much; for the line array industrial camera, 4K can no longer adapt to the demand, must be 8K, 16K.

Do3think optical fiber 10GigE industrial camera platform is the first industrial camera platform based on fiber optic transmission in China, providing a low cost, high reliability and high availability vision solution for high resolution, high frame rate screen inspection applications.

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