Machine Vision Applications

The world's chip industry is expanding rapidly. Semiconductor packaging is a very important part of the global semiconductor industry development. Machine vision plays an increasingly important role in the field of wafer defect detection. At the same time, machine vision also plays an important role in detecting semiconductor surface characters, ID codes, QR codes, and Mark points.
Photovoltaic and lithium battery
Photovoltaic and lithium batteries have many processing steps, each step requires strict quality inspection. Do3think's cameras are used in the front, middle and back stages of photovoltaic and lithium battery production, so that the production line has the ability of automatic positioning, accurate measurement and appearance inspection. While greatly increasing the production capacity, it also effectively guarantees the quality of the finished product.
Automative & Logistics
Both the automotive and logistics industries use machine vision technology to achieve control and detection. Automotive and Logistics industries usen machine vision technology to achieve control and detection. Do3think technology industrial cameras have obvious advantages in robot control and positioning, spare parts detection, package sorting, and barcode reading.
Medical & Life sciences
The medical equipment imaging and microscopic imaging industries have high requirements for the color reproduction and performance of the image. Do3think Technology U3P series cameras, with large pixels and optical sensors, presenting the true color, providing delicate and transparent color images for medical and biological applications.
Consumer Electronics
In the field of electronic manufacturing, from small components such as capacitors, resistors, connectors, to PC boards, hard disks, etc. in all aspects of the electronic manufacturing industry chain, machine vision can almost be seen. Do3think industrial cameras are widely used in components, PCB detection, character recognition, code scanning and positioning applications.
Do3think Technology's high-resolution series and line scan series cameras can be used in the field of defect detection of display screens and visual inspection of LCD/LED screens.
Webbed materials
Since the Covid-19, the demand for medical hygiene materials such as masks has exploded hundreds of times. Do3think technology camera products are integrated in the production line of masks and protective clothing, and perform strict visual inspection to ensure the quality.
Packaging and Printing
In the packaging and printing industries, the inspected materials are usually moving at high speed. Do3think line scan cameras and high frame rate cameras can clearly image high-speed moving targets, find various types of defects on the target, and ensure the quality of the finished product.
Agricultural Products Color Sorting
Machine vision is widely used in the fields of planting and agricultural product screening. Through satellite images, the crops planted in the fields can be analyzed and their growth stages can be judged; through visual recognition, fruits of different sizes and qualities can be selected, which can be classified and sold at differential pricing, thereby increasing farmers’ income.